Barry has transformed my home over the years by his keen ability to connect all the elements into a comfortable, contemporary look. He develops an overall design scheme by consulting closely with his clients and then executes it with a superb color palette that is inviting and warm. Barry’s artistry is reflected in his ability to select furnishings and fabric that incorporate both the architectural elements of the home with the homeowner’s personal preferences. The result is superb interior design
— John Lamore
Barry Wilker gets to know you and your family and how you like to live your life. Each room he designs brings together bits of you and your family’s personality with a wonderful newness and panache. Your collective personality resonates within each part of his design plan that leaves you with a feeling of ‘this is truly our home.’
— Vicki Claycombe
We have known Barry Wilker for over 20 years and he has decorated two or our homes. During that time our tastes have changed and evolved and Barry has always given us the right look and feel based on what we needed and wanted during this time. In addition to adding his own ideas regarding color and style, he has always exceeded our expectations. Barry has a wonderful eye toward design, complimented with fabulous taste and style. In the end, we are so proud to have people over and have them say, ‘Your home is so beautiful and still so comfortable.’ I know we have achieved our original intentions and would never have been able to accomplish this without Barry’s expert help.
— Carmie and Mike Saldana
Whether we are looking for fresh ideas for ‘old’ spaces or an exciting concept for a new beach condo, Barry has always delivered! We have had the pleasure of working with Barry for well over a decade. His concepts for our Nashville residence and beach condominium have proven to be timeless. Between us, we have very different ideas about how a space should look and feel, but working with Barry we always end with a design concept that works for both of us.
— Jean & David Thibodeau
When we decided to redecorate a few years ago, we decided to interview three interior designers. Barry was our first interview and our last; there was no need to look further. We have been so pleased with the results and continue to find projects for him to help us with.
— Diane & Brian Berry
We have loved working with Barry Wilker! He is one of the few interior designers we’ve ever met who really listens to his clients and makes an effort to understand their vision rather than imposing his own. The best thing is that he collects everything in his warehouse and then installs it all at once. My husband and I felt like it was magic to come home and see our new living room: it was polished, handsome, and, most of all, livable. We highly recommend Barry Wilker!
— Elizabeth & Michael Schoenfeld
I finally feel I am ‘at home’ in my own home after working with Barry. One of his unique talents is that he treats each client as an individual and assesses their individual needs. He read me so well and I was comfortable working with him because he really wanted my home to reflect my personality. I just love being in my home even more now that he has incorporated treasured family pieces with collections from my travels. His fresh ideas brought everything together to create a timeless setting for my enjoyment. I recommend him highly.
— Sarah Ridley
We turn to Barry Wilker for all of our decorating needs — from bathroom to bedroom to beach house and beyond. He has never let us down.
— Susan and Jeff Zager
I can’t say how much fun it has been working with Barry. I started out doing one room and have continued throughout the rest of my home. I love the options he presents and how easy he is to work with.
— Mary Jones
We have worked with Barry on various projects for years. It is a pleasure to work with such a creative and professional designer. Every project has been carried out meticulously. He makes the design process enjoyable and everything is completed to our total satisfaction. Our home is a reflection of us, achieved through Barry’s guidance and expertise. He has helped decorate our entire home and successfully navigated us through kitchen and bath renovations with great atttention to detail and deadlines. We have come to depend on him for his creativity and professionalism. Barry continually exceeds all of our expectations.
— Mary Lou & Nick Harris
I thoroughly enjoy my experience working with Barry Wilker. He is a delight to share time and energy with. His cheerfulness and enthusiasm for my home was never-ending. He made the decorating challenge fun, exciting, and such a total pleasure. I always feel very confident with his knowledge and expertise. From beginning to end, each item that arrived was a beautiful treat. I so enjoy the environment we created together. Thank you, Barry Wilker!
— Mickey Goorman
Barry and I have been friends for over 15 years. We have worked on three of my houses and on my children’s houses. We were even on HGTV together! Working with him is a joy, and I’m always a little sad when the projects are over. Barry is an extremely talented designer. He never uses cookie-cutter designs, but unique ideas tailored to the individual. He is comfortable in any style, from California Contemporary to Country French. Get to know him. In addition to having one of the loveliest houses in Nashville, you will also have a new friend.
— Mary Williams
Barry is hardworking, professional and extremely gifted as a designer. He makes a point to ensure that I know everyone on his staff and that they know me as well. They are respectful of my rigid schedule and time constraints and go out of their way to help me schedule appointments that don’t interfere with work or family activities. I have had the privilege of working with Barry on two homes over the past 15+ years and value his friendship as well as his professional opinion.
— Nancy Peacock